Out With the Floors


old furnance is out also


Today we started the process of the subfloor removal. I am so glad we decided to hire help for this part, and I don’t have to help :). There is no “just” cutting it out.  It is more like cutting, prying, hammering, pounding, yanking and I am sure some cussing to get small pieces out at a time.

This floor has a crazy amount of glue along with nails and staples holding it down, its a wonder it is all coming up. Pulled the bathtub out to find brand new looking red shag carpet with the plastic protective covering under it.  You can sure find  Strange things when taking a house apart lol. I am still waiting to find a stash of money :)).

Can you imagine how this home looked in the 70″s ….red shag carpet with orange and gold  laminate. 🙂  Wish we would run across pics of it, from the days of all its glory.


4 thoughts on “Out With the Floors

  1. Your bright red shag carpet comment brought back a memory that made me smile.

    My college house, built in the mid 1970s, had bright orange kitchen counter tops, bright yellow master bathroom tops and bright orange 2nd bathroom tops. The toilets were light blue. The carpet was a light green long shag. The vinyl “tile” in the kitchen and bathrooms were burnt orange and yellow circles with bright white simulated grout lines. The kitchen appliances were some sort of demented olive drab green. At least the walls were a reasonably sensible “is there a violet tint in it” more or less white.

    I wonder if in 40 years, the popular color combinations of today will be viewed like we now view the colors of the 1970s.

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    1. That is awesome! I am sure in 40 yrs people will think our color schemes now are ridiculous … while their children are losing tiny toys in their (brought back) shag carpet. Lol


  2. Love this! My family also moved from the big city (to a cabin in the country,) and it is awesome. We love doing our own thing, gardening, thinking about getting our first RV to make it easier for all the family to visit and go camping at the lake…

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