70’s Charm

1491691616985 Check out these amazing medicine cabinets. Three of them came with our fixer-upper home. Don’t miss the great light fixture reflecting in the mirror. Unfortunately one of its fixtures is missing. Time to hit the antique malls to see I we can find one to match or turn it into a single light.  And you got to love that wallpaper!!! If only we could have saved it too 🙂

The plan is to incorporate them  into our finished project of our renovation. Now the question is, as great as these medicine cabinets are .. do I just clean them up and leave them as they are ? Or do a little paint job on them? This is a big decision lol I don’t want to take away their charm.

1490806354227 And how about that wrought iron!! Heck Yes I saved it all! I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but have no doubt I can put them to good use.  Good thing there is Pinterest for some ideas, I need them lol.

The final thing we are able to save is the old cast iron kitchen sink. I am surprised the great shape it is in, But even more surprised that the counters in that old kitchen were able to hold it up. It only took one it and it all came falling down.   So we didn’t find a stash of money or jewels but we sure did find some 70s charm that we will be able to carry on.

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