No glue like the 70s glue


The floors are out!!!!  I wish I could find some of that glue from the 70’s!! It is some really strong stuff! lol   It is a lot harder than people say.  There was about 10 tons worth of glue and about the same amount in staples use to hold the subflooring down.  Now we have to get the staples that were left behind pulled out and scrap the remaining glue off.  That will be a interesting job, while trying not to fall in. Not to mention getting the rest of the plastic hanging from the ceiling.  Some clean up and we are ready to put her back together.

We have our new floor plan already, after making up several.   We are going spray paint the lay out , put the drains in, cut foam broad to fit into each opening.  Then we can have closed cell spray foam sprayed into the floor. Apparently these stuff is pretty awesome and very energy efficient, and is suppose to keep all critters from making their way in!!!! Now who doesn’t like that!!?!  We are also going to have it sprayed into our walls  and ceiling 🙂 .

I have to say that I cant wait until we get to move in!!!









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