Balance is a must for this job

I hate to say we are still getting ready for the new floor. Ugh  who would have thought it would take so long.  I don’t think I have ever seen so many staples.  We added in some more supports under the house. Thought it couldn’t hurt while we have it all opened up. Also add a couple more large bolts just to make sure it is all secure. Although all the extra support and bolts have not made it any easier for me to walk on these dang ole boards, as Kirk and Avery can nearly run across them I am trying my hardest not to fall into the dread below.

As long as our big raccoon that has been playing around here doesn’t go in and fall through the foam board that we do have down we should be finishing this part up sooner than later!! I Hope!!! lol

extra support


there he is!!!
foam board for spray foam support

One thought on “Balance is a must for this job

  1. be careful “tippy-toes” or you’ll be nearly out of sight like Avery….Daddy’s on his was to join in the “fun” , do hope his balance is good!!!!!!


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