Waiting on the pears

I don’t think I have ever seen a pear tree as big as this.  I am not sure how the heck I am going to get all the pears!  This big boy stands about 40 foot high, so I am fairly sure a pear picker wont reach lol and it is loaded!!!! I am not sure I want to climb that high. Hmm may need to send Avery out with a sling shot and a net lol .  We did have to pick one today only because we get love pears and couldn’t wait…. should have waited. 🙂 So I am saving up recipes …got to love pinterest.  All I need now is a kitchen lol.

I’ll tell ya everything on our land grows big and wild. We need to clean out under  our big boy pear tree and move some of the young ins so they have plenty of room to grow. I think we may need more hours in the day or to teach our little four legged little girls to harvest for us.

If anyone has good pear recipes feel free to share.  I suppose it is time to learn how to can also.


daddy of all Pear Trees
Young and baby Pear trees
straight out of the garden

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