Invasion of the Japanese beetles

Our poor tree

They are every where!!!  Millions of them, eating up our trees and heading towards our garden. They are all over our apple tree, so far our pear tree is safe. I am afraid they killed one tree already, it sure looks like it.  I really wasn’t sure how this thing was going to work, but we went looking for the Japanese beetle bags, finally  found one box this morning. Sold out everywhere!  I barely got the thing out of the box and they were swarming me.  Scared the tar out of me! lol  Got it set up and here they come!!!! The craziest thing to watch. Believe it or not it is working! I just need about 50 more of them around. Why haven’t they made tick traps like these yet?!!?

Japanese beetle trap
die suckers
here they come
so gross!!

3 thoughts on “Invasion of the Japanese beetles

  1. We live i tow ad they have started on our neighbors roses and now spread to our plants. We put out bags 2 wks ago and have filled 1-1/2 plastic grocery bags. Worse part about them is they go into the ground every night and lay their larva which turn to grubs and they eat the roots of your lawns like other grubs. When they become adults the cycle starts again. Look up “Milky Spor” as a way to save your lawns. We even sprayed insecticide on our plans and it will not kill them…we tried 2 top brands and even made the solution double strength….problem is…they keep coming.. The Government needs to find an answer as they kill plants before the honey bee’s have a chance to do their thing.

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