Homesteading A.D.D.

We may have a bit of A.D.D. on our little Homestead or just so much to do lol.  Either way we are getting it done slowly. Cleared out the old grape vines that were sadly taken over by huge throne vines. So even if it did produce grapes we could not have gotten to them.  Trying to keep the Pine trees from suffocating from all the poison ivy. We are the land of the poison ivy..  If you want any come and get it, its Free!!!!!

The old rotted deck is off, not sure how we didn’t fall through it.  A couple of feet went through but no whole bodies. Now we will be able to get the back siding off.  Lowes is going to love us. They should already know us and offer us a discount as much as we are about to be in there. lol

Saturday we are finally having the spray foam insulation sprayed in the floors. Cant wait to have floors, this balancing act is not for me!


untouched for the wild life


cleaning up for the ole Mighty Pines
near future Honey bee home
fresh from the garden
and more
down with the old deck

3 thoughts on “Homesteading A.D.D.

  1. Poison Ivy is a NO NO!! Cucumbers are yummy!! Honey Bees are “Lookin’ for a home!! Old decks or rotten!! A.D.D. works as do Farmers workin’ the land and r e n o v a t i o n ….. and Lowes “stock holders” on paper or in your trailer is “gettin’ her done”………love it but glad IT”S NOT ME>>>>ha….


  2. You will love living in the country. Hang in there, all the hard work will be worth it when you can finally sit back & enjoy your beautiful home & land. Much love, Corrine

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