Starting to look like a house again

We have been pretty busy ! The front exterior wall is now up, after adding new boards to the fame. Now for the side and back. We are trying to decide on siding as we go along, Stucco or Vinyl… leaning a bit more towards Stucco. So we had planned in putting a wood stove since the chimney was there and set for one. Then after looking at our floor plan we realized it would end up sitting right smack in the middle of our living room. So instead we took the chimney down. Well Kirk and Sequoia took it down I supervised and worked clean up duty. 😉 All ended well, only 1 smashed finger.  Anyways now the back wall will be as air tight as the rest. Kirk had windows in storage from years ago so lucky us we don’t have to buy any!!  Now  for the hard part of trying to figure out exactly where I want them. To bad its not like hanging a picture, if you don’t like it just move it lol.  The center beam in the house will be replaced to make sure the roof is supported well. As soon as the rest of the exterior walls are up, we will add our little laundry/utility room, new electrical wiring and plumbing. Then comes the heating and cooling system!! The spray foam insulation will then be sprayed into the walls and ceiling. Its coming along…..but so.  is winter!! 😮  With it just being Kirk, Sequoia, my dad and myself… mainly the 3, we are getting it done.

WOOHOO!! Jackpot!! 94 cents a case at Lowes! Ha we got 15!
adding to frame
getting rafters ready for new beam
getting there
chimney coming down
Sequoias version of a chimney sweep
I think he surprised himself just now!

One thought on “Starting to look like a house again

  1. wow, you are quite the “straw boss” , oops, that’s me….you’re the “supervisor-in-charge” of building, hammers, staples, floor plans and “workman” …..yes…. it’s beginning to look like a house….GOOD JOB you’al…just stay safe !!!!!!! love , mom


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