Dreaded Ductwork

So we got the ductwork pieces only to find out we did not receive it all. Short  by 20ft for each side ugh!! Finally got it but of course it was the ductwork you have to wrap. Anyways!! Since we are on a slab we cut the ceiling rafters and cut a hole in the wall up in our loft. YUCK!! Let me tell you…doing your own ductwork sucks!!! Just ask Kirk and my Dad lol!!  These process nearly killed them both!  After wrestling with the pieces to snap them together (they don’t just snap together) feeding 5 foot pieces through one at a time attaching each piece then feeding more through, it is in place!! Ready for strapping it down, moving a few wires our of the way.  Time for our heating/cooling system to be attached and hooked up. We will put our vents in place as so as the spray foam is done. Picked up your water heater yesterday,and it is ready to be home up so we can test or water lines.  We are so close to spray foam time so we can start on prettying it up! Can’t wait!!IMG_20171013_160149

whats going on here?!?!?! lol


Oh boy!!!  Are you ready for this Josie 😵


feeding it through
And there it is !!!


What a dirty job!!!
kitchen plumbing and wiring



3 thoughts on “Dreaded Ductwork

  1. Looks like your dad is just “hanging out” and getting dirty like all “little boys”….who ever said NIGHT MARES are only at night, right ????


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