Is it spray foam or did the Stay Puff marsh mellow man explode?!? :))

The time finally arrived!!! It seemed like it took forever to get to this point! We now have a Foam house or a very long igloo 🙂  We are fully insulted with closed cell spray foam.  Floors where done and now after a day and a half of spraying walls and ceiling done. This we did hire in, it was a nice break, to check on how it was going, instead of doing it ourselves. Its crazy how hard this stuff is.  Very energy efficient !  Now back to work ..we can put our vents in and hook up the heating system to give it the true test!!! We need to finish the flooring around the edges, we waited so they could spray all the way down. Walls will be coming soon 🙂  May have to move our mattress in pretty quick lol

how its done
this will be our bedroom.. well part of it
looking through th kitchen into mudroom/ Sequoias room left side/ end
looking the other way through kitchen towards bathrooms/ livingroom on right
check this stuff out!!!
mudroom/ cant forget the doggy door
the crew to call

One thought on “Is it spray foam or did the Stay Puff marsh mellow man explode?!? :))

  1. ’bout time….ha, glad no one got stuck in the foam and “mummified”…. keep on, keepin’ on, you’ll get there, I can see a big Christmas tree with a mattress or two beneath….ha….come on walls, come on floor, stove, sink, pottie, etc,etc., etc……’ll get there and we’ll have a grand “open house”….uh no, not again, we’ll call it a closed in, comfy, cozy “house warmin’………….love you, mom


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