Walls!!!! Are going up!

We are moving right along! Got most of the sheetrock up. Now putting up the walls. The bathroom is the first!! We will put the first bathroom in so we can start staying in our house while we finish. We can not wait to get out of the RV! I don’t know how people live in them forever lol 🤔😂 surely they don’t love it. 🙃

After trying to find a way to put a new septic system in ourselves, we came to the conclusion that we needed a plumber due to all the codes and restrictions. Good grief! So the health department came out to check it soil only to tell us that we have to have all a lagoon instead of a septic. Uuugh that was a bit of a let down. Anyways it is dug… So we can Get the water flowing.

First load
Sequoias room getting sheetrock
Oh yes!!! Bathroom being framed
Uuugh lagoon spot
Digging the hole
And there it is … 💩 hole

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