Moved in to stretch out while finishing our house

Out of the RV!!!!!  We are finally staying in our house! I cant tell you how good it feels!   We still have plenty to finish up (obviously) but we are far enough along that we could move our beds and couch in and relax for a sec. 🙂 Lights are in.. (who knew it would be so hard to decide exactly where to put them. We did go all LED. Furnace is hooked up (finally) Got our fridge and stove in, and got our washer and dryer home. set up a utility sink until we get our Island and cabinets built, then we will just move it to the mudroom. I have decide what kind of ceiling do we want…what kind of flooring. Thanks to our nephew we got a couple of carpet pieces to throw down until we are ready for the flooring. We have the minable in here right now .. easier clean up during remaining construction and less to have to cover lol…and oooh the showers!! But we are so excited to be this far! Not to mention only a few more RV showers until we have one shower ready:))


living room
temporary living room setup


oh yea!!!!
not sure which one is happier with their temporary bed lol

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