Step 1 & 2 of shower….not pretty YET :)

The first 2  and most important steps of building our shower are done! After framing came the work.  Green board for the shower walls then We covered the shower floor with roofing paper taking it up the walls a couple feet, using spray adhesive. Then a layer of 6m plastic also going a couple feet up the walls also. The concrete was not fast setting so it could be built to slope just right in all directions to the drain. Thanks to our friend who does concrete for his help. Now that was a long process to get that concrete just right. I have to say it is a good thing we had help with it. It did take a couple of days to fully dry but it looks great and drains perfectly. Next we cut the shelves out and lined them with green board. Wrapped the rest of the walls in roofing paper using spray adhesive and taking it down over the paper that came up under the concrete and did the same with the 6m plastic. Now wrapping the shelves took the longest, they were harder than wrapping odd shaped Christmas presents lol. We built the last wall with green board and pulling all the roofing paper and plastic up the wall that was left coming out from under the concrete just for that wall.  Knobs and shower head are in place. I did throw a cheap shower curtain up until we get the entry ledge done and to see if the water is going to splash out. We have about 6 inches of roofing paper and plastic coming out under the concrete at the shower entry that we are going to la our flooring over just for extra protection.    Now we are ready to make it pretty 🙂 I cant tell you how great it was to try it out!!!! No more RV showers!!!!  Only 1 more shower to build lol!!!

green broad
roof paper
6m plastic
slanting to drain
cutting out for shelves
wrapped shower in roof paper
last wall built
our little helper (the other 2 were sleeping) 🙂
wrapped in 6m plastic

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