with a little help from our friends

uI have been posted anything in awhile, and I could not get my photos in order. I am so happy to be able to share that we got siding up and painted, after a break in the weather going from  0 to 100 in what seemed like a day. For this part of our big restoration our friends offered us lots of help.  It sure made it go a lot faster, I am not sure how the 3 of us would have gotten the house wrapped…I am sure it would not have been pretty :)) we are so thankful for their time and help. I have to say it sure looks good!!

Yes We are still working on the inside. As you know if you have ever done anything like this before there are times when visible progress can be slow. Not to mention you just need a break ….and during that break ..well you start thinking of more ideas.  Not sure if that is a good thing haha.  although it allows for changes to be made before it is to late. Bargain shopping at auctions has been great fun, even if it isn’t house related lol Anyways I will have more pics of the inside soon.

wonder who the bosses are :))
almost like tying to wrap a odd shaped Christmas gift
siding going up
now that’s some pretty paint






leaving their mark on our house

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