with a little help from our friends

uI have been posted anything in awhile, and I could not get my photos in order. I am so happy to be able to share that we got siding up and painted, after a break in the weather going from  0 to 100 in what seemed like a day. For this part of our big restoration our friends offered us lots of help.  It sure made it go a lot faster, I am not sure how the 3 of us would have gotten the house wrapped…I am sure it would not have been pretty :)) we are so thankful for their time and help. I have to say it sure looks good!!

Yes We are still working on the inside. As you know if you have ever done anything like this before there are times when visible progress can be slow. Not to mention you just need a break ….and during that break ..well you start thinking of more ideas.  Not sure if that is a good thing haha.  although it allows for changes to be made before it is to late. Bargain shopping at auctions has been great fun, even if it isn’t house related lol Anyways I will have more pics of the inside soon.

wonder who the bosses are :))
almost like tying to wrap a odd shaped Christmas gift
siding going up
now that’s some pretty paint






leaving their mark on our house

Step 1 & 2 of shower….not pretty YET :)

The first 2  and most important steps of building our shower are done! After framing came the work.  Green board for the shower walls then We covered the shower floor with roofing paper taking it up the walls a couple feet, using spray adhesive. Then a layer of 6m plastic also going a couple feet up the walls also. The concrete was not fast setting so it could be built to slope just right in all directions to the drain. Thanks to our friend who does concrete for his help. Now that was a long process to get that concrete just right. I have to say it is a good thing we had help with it. It did take a couple of days to fully dry but it looks great and drains perfectly. Next we cut the shelves out and lined them with green board. Wrapped the rest of the walls in roofing paper using spray adhesive and taking it down over the paper that came up under the concrete and did the same with the 6m plastic. Now wrapping the shelves took the longest, they were harder than wrapping odd shaped Christmas presents lol. We built the last wall with green board and pulling all the roofing paper and plastic up the wall that was left coming out from under the concrete just for that wall.  Knobs and shower head are in place. I did throw a cheap shower curtain up until we get the entry ledge done and to see if the water is going to splash out. We have about 6 inches of roofing paper and plastic coming out under the concrete at the shower entry that we are going to la our flooring over just for extra protection.    Now we are ready to make it pretty 🙂 I cant tell you how great it was to try it out!!!! No more RV showers!!!!  Only 1 more shower to build lol!!!

green broad
roof paper
6m plastic
slanting to drain
cutting out for shelves
wrapped shower in roof paper
last wall built
our little helper (the other 2 were sleeping) 🙂
wrapped in 6m plastic

Moved in to stretch out while finishing our house

Out of the RV!!!!!  We are finally staying in our house! I cant tell you how good it feels!   We still have plenty to finish up (obviously) but we are far enough along that we could move our beds and couch in and relax for a sec. 🙂 Lights are in.. (who knew it would be so hard to decide exactly where to put them. We did go all LED. Furnace is hooked up (finally) Got our fridge and stove in, and got our washer and dryer home. set up a utility sink until we get our Island and cabinets built, then we will just move it to the mudroom. I have decide what kind of ceiling do we want…what kind of flooring. Thanks to our nephew we got a couple of carpet pieces to throw down until we are ready for the flooring. We have the minable in here right now .. easier clean up during remaining construction and less to have to cover lol…and oooh the showers!! But we are so excited to be this far! Not to mention only a few more RV showers until we have one shower ready:))


living room
temporary living room setup


oh yea!!!!
not sure which one is happier with their temporary bed lol

Yes that is my pantry!

Our house is starting to look like a home with more walls going up.  The rooms sure look different with walls instead of spray paint mapping them out 😊.  Looks awesome if I can say so myself. We got our toilet and vanity for the first bathroom, we are going to build both showers. We are trying to decide what we want for the ceiling so that is on hold. Lots of decisions to make. Sequoia decided he wants a phone booth for his bedroom door… We will see how that turns out🙃😂! Our walk in pantry is huge! I love it.

Sequoias room
Closet going up in Sequoias room
Our huge pantry to the right
Entryway to kitchen


Excuse the mess.. we have been busy :)

We worked all day yesterday… Except during the eclipse 🙂 what better time for a lunch break!  Now we have the back walls up, that is not a easy task. The back door is partly cut out. We are considering making our own door so we can have the style we want that will fit the height of the wall. The windows are in!! It looks great if I can say so myself! We have decided to get the same kind of windows for the front, instead of using what we have. This way we can choose the size we want and mostly they are easier to put in lol. Moving right along 🙂

Back door cut out….excuse the outdoor potty lol
Time for walls
Not as easy as it looks
Well.. Would you look at that


No glue like the 70s glue


The floors are out!!!!  I wish I could find some of that glue from the 70’s!! It is some really strong stuff! lol   It is a lot harder than people say.  There was about 10 tons worth of glue and about the same amount in staples use to hold the subflooring down.  Now we have to get the staples that were left behind pulled out and scrap the remaining glue off.  That will be a interesting job, while trying not to fall in. Not to mention getting the rest of the plastic hanging from the ceiling.  Some clean up and we are ready to put her back together.

We have our new floor plan already, after making up several.   We are going spray paint the lay out , put the drains in, cut foam broad to fit into each opening.  Then we can have closed cell spray foam sprayed into the floor. Apparently these stuff is pretty awesome and very energy efficient, and is suppose to keep all critters from making their way in!!!! Now who doesn’t like that!!?!  We are also going to have it sprayed into our walls  and ceiling 🙂 .

I have to say that I cant wait until we get to move in!!!









Play before work

What a beautiful morning for some fishing!! It was more relaxing than anything this morning.  The dang ole fish were just playing with us.IMG_20170616_061417   I guess the storm last night made them a bit feisty. Even the trees were reaching out and grabbing our lines.  Although we were able to over power the a few baby size Bass lol!!

We have seen the digging and tracks of a muskrat out there, he must be having  good time!  uuugh ! Time to catch that sucker!!!!! Traps will be set quick!!

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