with a little help from our friends

uI have been posted anything in awhile, and I could not get my photos in order. I am so happy to be able to share that we got siding up and painted, after a break in the weather going from  0 to 100 in what seemed like a day. For this part of our big restoration our friends offered us lots of help.  It sure made it go a lot faster, I am not sure how the 3 of us would have gotten the house wrapped…I am sure it would not have been pretty :)) we are so thankful for their time and help. I have to say it sure looks good!!

Yes We are still working on the inside. As you know if you have ever done anything like this before there are times when visible progress can be slow. Not to mention you just need a break ….and during that break ..well you start thinking of more ideas.  Not sure if that is a good thing haha.  although it allows for changes to be made before it is to late. Bargain shopping at auctions has been great fun, even if it isn’t house related lol Anyways I will have more pics of the inside soon.

wonder who the bosses are :))
almost like tying to wrap a odd shaped Christmas gift
siding going up
now that’s some pretty paint






leaving their mark on our house

Step 1 & 2 of shower….not pretty YET :)

The first 2  and most important steps of building our shower are done! After framing came the work.  Green board for the shower walls then We covered the shower floor with roofing paper taking it up the walls a couple feet, using spray adhesive. Then a layer of 6m plastic also going a couple feet up the walls also. The concrete was not fast setting so it could be built to slope just right in all directions to the drain. Thanks to our friend who does concrete for his help. Now that was a long process to get that concrete just right. I have to say it is a good thing we had help with it. It did take a couple of days to fully dry but it looks great and drains perfectly. Next we cut the shelves out and lined them with green board. Wrapped the rest of the walls in roofing paper using spray adhesive and taking it down over the paper that came up under the concrete and did the same with the 6m plastic. Now wrapping the shelves took the longest, they were harder than wrapping odd shaped Christmas presents lol. We built the last wall with green board and pulling all the roofing paper and plastic up the wall that was left coming out from under the concrete just for that wall.  Knobs and shower head are in place. I did throw a cheap shower curtain up until we get the entry ledge done and to see if the water is going to splash out. We have about 6 inches of roofing paper and plastic coming out under the concrete at the shower entry that we are going to la our flooring over just for extra protection.    Now we are ready to make it pretty 🙂 I cant tell you how great it was to try it out!!!! No more RV showers!!!!  Only 1 more shower to build lol!!!

green broad
roof paper
6m plastic
slanting to drain
cutting out for shelves
wrapped shower in roof paper
last wall built
our little helper (the other 2 were sleeping) 🙂
wrapped in 6m plastic

Moved in to stretch out while finishing our house

Out of the RV!!!!!  We are finally staying in our house! I cant tell you how good it feels!   We still have plenty to finish up (obviously) but we are far enough along that we could move our beds and couch in and relax for a sec. 🙂 Lights are in.. (who knew it would be so hard to decide exactly where to put them. We did go all LED. Furnace is hooked up (finally) Got our fridge and stove in, and got our washer and dryer home. set up a utility sink until we get our Island and cabinets built, then we will just move it to the mudroom. I have decide what kind of ceiling do we want…what kind of flooring. Thanks to our nephew we got a couple of carpet pieces to throw down until we are ready for the flooring. We have the minable in here right now .. easier clean up during remaining construction and less to have to cover lol…and oooh the showers!! But we are so excited to be this far! Not to mention only a few more RV showers until we have one shower ready:))


living room
temporary living room setup


oh yea!!!!
not sure which one is happier with their temporary bed lol

Yes that is my pantry!

Our house is starting to look like a home with more walls going up.  The rooms sure look different with walls instead of spray paint mapping them out 😊.  Looks awesome if I can say so myself. We got our toilet and vanity for the first bathroom, we are going to build both showers. We are trying to decide what we want for the ceiling so that is on hold. Lots of decisions to make. Sequoia decided he wants a phone booth for his bedroom door… We will see how that turns out🙃😂! Our walk in pantry is huge! I love it.

Sequoias room
Closet going up in Sequoias room
Our huge pantry to the right
Entryway to kitchen


Walls!!!! Are going up!

We are moving right along! Got most of the sheetrock up. Now putting up the walls. The bathroom is the first!! We will put the first bathroom in so we can start staying in our house while we finish. We can not wait to get out of the RV! I don’t know how people live in them forever lol 🤔😂 surely they don’t love it. 🙃

After trying to find a way to put a new septic system in ourselves, we came to the conclusion that we needed a plumber due to all the codes and restrictions. Good grief! So the health department came out to check it soil only to tell us that we have to have all a lagoon instead of a septic. Uuugh that was a bit of a let down. Anyways it is dug… So we can Get the water flowing.

First load
Sequoias room getting sheetrock
Oh yes!!! Bathroom being framed
Uuugh lagoon spot
Digging the hole
And there it is … 💩 hole

Is it spray foam or did the Stay Puff marsh mellow man explode?!? :))

The time finally arrived!!! It seemed like it took forever to get to this point! We now have a Foam house or a very long igloo 🙂  We are fully insulted with closed cell spray foam.  Floors where done and now after a day and a half of spraying walls and ceiling done. This we did hire in, it was a nice break, to check on how it was going, instead of doing it ourselves. Its crazy how hard this stuff is.  Very energy efficient !  Now back to work ..we can put our vents in and hook up the heating system to give it the true test!!! We need to finish the flooring around the edges, we waited so they could spray all the way down. Walls will be coming soon 🙂  May have to move our mattress in pretty quick lol

how its done
this will be our bedroom.. well part of it
looking through th kitchen into mudroom/ Sequoias room left side/ end
looking the other way through kitchen towards bathrooms/ livingroom on right
check this stuff out!!!
mudroom/ cant forget the doggy door
the crew to call

Dreaded Ductwork

So we got the ductwork pieces only to find out we did not receive it all. Short  by 20ft for each side ugh!! Finally got it but of course it was the ductwork you have to wrap. Anyways!! Since we are on a slab we cut the ceiling rafters and cut a hole in the wall up in our loft. YUCK!! Let me tell you…doing your own ductwork sucks!!! Just ask Kirk and my Dad lol!!  These process nearly killed them both!  After wrestling with the pieces to snap them together (they don’t just snap together) feeding 5 foot pieces through one at a time attaching each piece then feeding more through, it is in place!! Ready for strapping it down, moving a few wires our of the way.  Time for our heating/cooling system to be attached and hooked up. We will put our vents in place as so as the spray foam is done. Picked up your water heater yesterday,and it is ready to be home up so we can test or water lines.  We are so close to spray foam time so we can start on prettying it up! Can’t wait!!IMG_20171013_160149

whats going on here?!?!?! lol


Oh boy!!!  Are you ready for this Josie 😵


feeding it through
And there it is !!!


What a dirty job!!!
kitchen plumbing and wiring



Learning all trades

The roof is on!! Now Lets hope it doesn’t leak!  Don’t call me for your roofing job! Trying not to slide off and tear the tar paper was not a easy task lol. I got the hang of it and didn’t do to bad. With help from Kirk we got it done in no time.

Bring on the ductwork!! That’s the only thing left to do before the spray foam insulation! Then yes the sheetrock! We are so close!  I have great ideas for the inside of our home, but you will have to wait to see them :).



a little steeper on this side
not to bad for my first time
still have to add the doggy door
plenty of room in there

Add-on coming together

This is one sturdy mudroom! The roof is up and I will tell you that was not a easy task. As for me Trying to help keep those heavy boards from sliding back off while being pushed up, I was sure I was going to cause more damage than good!! They are up, most of the wall boards are up and most importantly NO Bodies or boards fell to the ground!!

If all goes right our heating/cooling system and ductwork will be delivered today!

Got to have some fun!!
Looks good!!
the loft sure came in handy


tractor bucket sure makes a good lift
coming together
side view

e are still at it! Added more support.. this is one sturdy room! I will tell you putting the boards on the roof was not a easy job. Trying to help slide them up without letting go, I was sure I was going to do more damage than good! NO boards or bodies fell to the ground! Whooooooo what a relief!