Yes our Mudroom has a loft

Our Mudroom is coming along!! We are getting close to being able to put the roof and walls up!  Built a loft for storage, which Sequoia thinks he is going to steal for his room. He will think again once the roof is on and he can only stand in one spot lol. We are so anxious to get it done and moved in.  Our RV seems so be getting smaller! lol!

extra room for storage
a bit of luck
storage loft going up


here come the rafters

Mudroom in the making

We are getting there!! So we used the concrete blocks from the old chimney as a filler, dumped gravel over it… let the concrete pour!! The floor has been poured and smoothed out.  Plus… we had enough concrete left over to make me a awesome parking spot for my bike!!!!  Got the wall frame up..  front door jam is up. It is looking great! This will be our front entry, hold all our utilities, washer/dryer, and a place to drop boots off and hang jackets and of course a doggy door or 2. That will be determined by our little Tweety bird …after we see if she can open the big girls door or not :). We are going to make it tall enough to add storage in the top.

the chimney blocks came in handy
topped with gravel
here comes the concrete
smooth it out boys
look at the shine
time to frame out our mudroom
check out our front doorway

2/3rds of the way done

Our kitchen and bathroom windows in. The kitchen windows are in place of having wall cabinets.  Now it is time for our mud/utility room ! Which it really is mud/clay at the moment. Of course there is a brick driveway or patio under the dirt.  We are always finding stuff here, just no jar of money yet!  The last wall is coming down to reframe as a inter wall and entry doorway. Should have the concrete laid this week so we can frame it out. Our front door and a back door that leads to the little girls play area, (we wont forget the puppy door) will be in the mud room. Hopefully they will leave their mud where it belongs…but I kinda doubt it 🙂

our mudroom in the making
time to bring the last wall down
Sequoia showing off for Papa
new entry..coming out of mudroom. No those steps are not staying lol
heres our kitchen,pantry, and entry
We got more windows in

Excuse the mess.. we have been busy :)

We worked all day yesterday… Except during the eclipse 🙂 what better time for a lunch break!  Now we have the back walls up, that is not a easy task. The back door is partly cut out. We are considering making our own door so we can have the style we want that will fit the height of the wall. The windows are in!! It looks great if I can say so myself! We have decided to get the same kind of windows for the front, instead of using what we have. This way we can choose the size we want and mostly they are easier to put in lol. Moving right along 🙂

Back door cut out….excuse the outdoor potty lol
Time for walls
Not as easy as it looks
Well.. Would you look at that


Window time!

The chimney is down. What a mess that made, but the concrete blocks and bricks will sure make a great forge and fire pit. So we have framed out the back wall for windows, and we are thinking the back of the house should be considered the front :).  We still need to cut out and frame for the back door. I will tell you deciding on where to put each window and the doors was a tough decision. Who would have thought that would be so hard to decide. Normally you plan your furniture around windows and doors, but we are planning around furniture lol. Kirk had to spray paint where the interior walls and cabinets are going to be for me so I could figure it out.  Our first window is in!!!!We also got the hot and cold water lines ran and ready to add plumbing. Old wiring has been torn out and new home run wires ran.  Hopefully in within a week we will have the concrete poured for our add-on mud/utility room. It is coming along…

Back wall
framing for windows
A Window is going were the chimney was
Sequoia already trying to sneak out


yay!! first window in!

Starting to look like a house again

We have been pretty busy ! The front exterior wall is now up, after adding new boards to the fame. Now for the side and back. We are trying to decide on siding as we go along, Stucco or Vinyl… leaning a bit more towards Stucco. So we had planned in putting a wood stove since the chimney was there and set for one. Then after looking at our floor plan we realized it would end up sitting right smack in the middle of our living room. So instead we took the chimney down. Well Kirk and Sequoia took it down I supervised and worked clean up duty. 😉 All ended well, only 1 smashed finger.  Anyways now the back wall will be as air tight as the rest. Kirk had windows in storage from years ago so lucky us we don’t have to buy any!!  Now  for the hard part of trying to figure out exactly where I want them. To bad its not like hanging a picture, if you don’t like it just move it lol.  The center beam in the house will be replaced to make sure the roof is supported well. As soon as the rest of the exterior walls are up, we will add our little laundry/utility room, new electrical wiring and plumbing. Then comes the heating and cooling system!! The spray foam insulation will then be sprayed into the walls and ceiling. Its coming along…..but so.  is winter!! 😮  With it just being Kirk, Sequoia, my dad and myself… mainly the 3, we are getting it done.

WOOHOO!! Jackpot!! 94 cents a case at Lowes! Ha we got 15!
adding to frame
getting rafters ready for new beam
getting there
chimney coming down
Sequoias version of a chimney sweep
I think he surprised himself just now!

New Subfloor going in

We started laying our subfloor today, or should I say Kirk did  🙂 We still have to screw it down good.  Now we can hang out in the kitchen and both bathrooms!  I tell you it is a great feeling being able to get the floor done. The heat did slowed us down a bit but we are getting it.  I was on a chair pulling more staples!!! I think the rafters have just as many staples and the floor did. I am starting to think the house was held together with staples. As so as we clean up the rafters of the staples, nails , the remaining plastic and insulation and then it will be ready for the new also.

got our subfloor


looking good
got to kick my boots off


bATHROOMS And kitchen now have floors

In with the Spray Foam Insulation!!

Wow! What a process!!! After weeks of preparing We are now ready for our new sub floor!! After all the clean up and prepping We mapped out where to put all our drain pipes got them all installed. Laid foam board in each slot (on top of added boards) for the spray foam insulation to sit on. This morning they came out and sprayed our insulation. We had closed cell spray foam installed, (pretty cool stuff) next they will fill our ceiling and exterior walls as soon as we are ready.  Things should go along a bit faster now that we will have floors. I am proud to say that I didn’t not fall once into the dreaded below…of course if you ask Kirk he would say it is because  I walked like a slug in there 🙂 But whatever it takes to keep myself out of the hole. Sequoia got to hot the other day and decided to try to remove his shorts with the saw!!! Good Grief!!! Thank God it was just his shorts. Kirk got sleepy I guess and decided to lay down a bit hard and ended up with a nasty bruise and a chunk out of his leg. We survived and are ready to finish our house!!


laying foam board
where do you think you 2 are going!?!
ready for spray foam insultation
and here is the spray foam!!


Homesteading A.D.D.

We may have a bit of A.D.D. on our little Homestead or just so much to do lol.  Either way we are getting it done slowly. Cleared out the old grape vines that were sadly taken over by huge throne vines. So even if it did produce grapes we could not have gotten to them.  Trying to keep the Pine trees from suffocating from all the poison ivy. We are the land of the poison ivy..  If you want any come and get it, its Free!!!!!

The old rotted deck is off, not sure how we didn’t fall through it.  A couple of feet went through but no whole bodies. Now we will be able to get the back siding off.  Lowes is going to love us. They should already know us and offer us a discount as much as we are about to be in there. lol

Saturday we are finally having the spray foam insulation sprayed in the floors. Cant wait to have floors, this balancing act is not for me!


untouched for the wild life


cleaning up for the ole Mighty Pines
near future Honey bee home
fresh from the garden
and more
down with the old deck

Invasion of the Japanese beetles

Our poor tree

They are every where!!!  Millions of them, eating up our trees and heading towards our garden. They are all over our apple tree, so far our pear tree is safe. I am afraid they killed one tree already, it sure looks like it.  I really wasn’t sure how this thing was going to work, but we went looking for the Japanese beetle bags, finally  found one box this morning. Sold out everywhere!  I barely got the thing out of the box and they were swarming me.  Scared the tar out of me! lol  Got it set up and here they come!!!! The craziest thing to watch. Believe it or not it is working! I just need about 50 more of them around. Why haven’t they made tick traps like these yet?!!?

Japanese beetle trap
die suckers
here they come
so gross!!