In with the Spray Foam Insulation!!

Wow! What a process!!! After weeks of preparing We are now ready for our new sub floor!! After all the clean up and prepping We mapped out where to put all our drain pipes got them all installed. Laid foam board in each slot (on top of added boards) for the spray foam insulation to sit on. This morning they came out and sprayed our insulation. We had closed cell spray foam installed, (pretty cool stuff) next they will fill our ceiling and exterior walls as soon as we are ready.  Things should go along a bit faster now that we will have floors. I am proud to say that I didn’t not fall once into the dreaded below…of course if you ask Kirk he would say it is because  I walked like a slug in there 🙂 But whatever it takes to keep myself out of the hole. Sequoia got to hot the other day and decided to try to remove his shorts with the saw!!! Good Grief!!! Thank God it was just his shorts. Kirk got sleepy I guess and decided to lay down a bit hard and ended up with a nasty bruise and a chunk out of his leg. We survived and are ready to finish our house!!


laying foam board
where do you think you 2 are going!?!
ready for spray foam insultation
and here is the spray foam!!


Balance is a must for this job

I hate to say we are still getting ready for the new floor. Ugh  who would have thought it would take so long.  I don’t think I have ever seen so many staples.  We added in some more supports under the house. Thought it couldn’t hurt while we have it all opened up. Also add a couple more large bolts just to make sure it is all secure. Although all the extra support and bolts have not made it any easier for me to walk on these dang ole boards, as Kirk and Avery can nearly run across them I am trying my hardest not to fall into the dread below.

As long as our big raccoon that has been playing around here doesn’t go in and fall through the foam board that we do have down we should be finishing this part up sooner than later!! I Hope!!! lol

extra support


there he is!!!
foam board for spray foam support

70’s Charm

1491691616985 Check out these amazing medicine cabinets. Three of them came with our fixer-upper home. Don’t miss the great light fixture reflecting in the mirror. Unfortunately one of its fixtures is missing. Time to hit the antique malls to see I we can find one to match or turn it into a single light.  And you got to love that wallpaper!!! If only we could have saved it too 🙂

The plan is to incorporate them  into our finished project of our renovation. Now the question is, as great as these medicine cabinets are .. do I just clean them up and leave them as they are ? Or do a little paint job on them? This is a big decision lol I don’t want to take away their charm.

1490806354227 And how about that wrought iron!! Heck Yes I saved it all! I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but have no doubt I can put them to good use.  Good thing there is Pinterest for some ideas, I need them lol.

The final thing we are able to save is the old cast iron kitchen sink. I am surprised the great shape it is in, But even more surprised that the counters in that old kitchen were able to hold it up. It only took one it and it all came falling down.   So we didn’t find a stash of money or jewels but we sure did find some 70s charm that we will be able to carry on.