Learning all trades

The roof is on!! Now Lets hope it doesn’t leak!  Don’t call me for your roofing job! Trying not to slide off and tear the tar paper was not a easy task lol. I got the hang of it and didn’t do to bad. With help from Kirk we got it done in no time.

Bring on the ductwork!! That’s the only thing left to do before the spray foam insulation! Then yes the sheetrock! We are so close!  I have great ideas for the inside of our home, but you will have to wait to see them :).



a little steeper on this side
not to bad for my first time
still have to add the doggy door
plenty of room in there

RV living (the good, the bad and the ugly)

We are into our 4th month living in our RV as we renovate our home. Cant complain, we are parked on our beautiful 10 acres. Our own little oasis , all the fishing we want, beautiful trees, fruit trees, our garden is growing, absolutely love it here.

But Holy Smokes we want in our house!! hahaha Everything I have read on RV living and tiny home living sure sounds great, no one mentions the down side of it lol. We have everything we need, water, electricity, etc. Oh yes we are cozy and very happy. But for the love of God I have to pee will you please let me through! 🙂 We have a nice 27ft RV, sleeps at least 8, we have 3 humans and 3 who think they are humans. Lots of storage ( no place to hide the vacuum) so we have everything we need, that is until one of says where such and such….oh it must be in storage somewhere.  It is a good life lesson that less is best and you really don’t need all that stuff, at the same time it will be like Christmas when we get to bring our belongs home. haha! It has been a huge adjustment for us all.  Our master bedroom now is the size our walk-in closet was, so now we crawl in and out of bed at the foot of our bed. Lucky for me I am short so I can actually stand on the bed to get into our cabinet/closets and get dressed if needed lol. But hey I can sit in my bed and see the TV in the “living room” through the bathroom mirror… now how many of you can do that hahaha!! Sequoia loves his bunk in the wall, he plans on living in it forever lol.  Our kitchen is fully functional, stove, oven ,sink, microwave(that we blew up) coffeepot, we even have a pantry. Since I have no counter space it makes it a bit more changeling. Our 2 littlest pups love our kitchen, they think the table is their playground, its suddenly become like trying to keep little kittens off a table, pointless hahaha. Now that it is so nice out we have been able to expand our living and cooking space to the outdoors, we sure love our grill.  Which brings us to the bathroom, we do have counter space 🙂 but that’s all the space lol. and thank God for the skylight in the shower so Kirk can stand with his head in it so he doesn’t have to break his back leaning over for his whole shower .  My house cleaning does not take long at all, if you leave one thing out the whole place is trashed lol so cleaning never stops.

Here are a few of the Good, bad and ugly:

First make sure you RV is perfectly level… otherwise you will feel drunk as you stumble from one end to the other. Although it could be entertaining lol

If it is winter make sure you put insulation board,  trash bags of leaves or hay around the bottom of your RV, that cold air blows right under you otherwise making it hard to heat and your water lines will freeze in a matter of minutes. We found this out the hard way during our first weekend in here haha. Heated hoses and insulated wraps are not enough. We taped insulation board all the way around and put a small electric heater under the RV which we only plugged in when the temp was getting below freezing. It was not pretty but worked well :).

Utilities are so inexpensive in a RV, you have you water tank you can fill or hook up your hose to city water. You use very little water and the toilet is a great energy savor. Your water heater is quite small so there are no long showers. Sucks for me.. my hair is to my waist and I have legs I have to shave, doesn’t always turn out well but we have a shower and get to be clean :).  We don’t have washer and dryer in ours (wish we did). Laundry mat is a real drag and cant wait to have mine home with us.  It really is a very inexpensive way to live.

Space is minimal, we do not have slide out…would absolutely love to have them.  Our Rv looked big until it became our daily home. You have no privacy  and the potty…well you know it is right there lol You could watch TV while sitting there if you wanted hahaha.

With that being said we are making our dreams reality. So we are on our land, living in our Shoe box while working on our home, getting our place ready to start up our Honey Bee farm in the up coming spring.

It is what you make it and it is great with a few hiccups 🙂